Category choice patterns

  • Junior level : Freshers / Junior Professionals
  • Mid level :  4 to 7 years experience
  • Senior level : 8 to 12 years experience
  • Executive level


Become a Certified PEGARECRUITER

 Certification programme for HR Role aspirants

  • Programme launching soon...​​

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PEGARECRUITER Awards & Certificates Programme

  • PEGARECRUITER award to The Best Technical Recruiter
  • PEGARECRUITER award to The Best Talent ( Hired by )
  • PEGARECRUITER award to The Best Service Consumer  - MNC / Agency
  • PEGARECRUITER award to The Best Hiring Manager 
  • PEGARECRUITER - Brilliant Student award to a rural student from Government Public School
  • PEGARECRUITER - Brilliant Online Teacher award to a Teacher in Computer Education from Government Public School - rural areas

​​Building Key Business Relationships Patterns

Dear Entrepreneurs/MNC Account Heads/ HRs/Agencies,

This is an online invitation for collaboration.

We are looking for more partners in staffing industry. Entrepreneurs / MNC / Staffing Agency who can work with us, if you feel that your organisation would like to work with us, please feel free to contact our team.
With your support we can create more opportunities for global talents.   

Work with Us !. We build good, strong, lasting business relationship today.

Where are we ?

  • Authenticity :We find people and companies feel a natural connection
  • Develop Mutual Respect : We prove ourselves over time and through different activities and experiences. We create trusted connection
  • Schedule Brainstorming Time : We best to set a regular time, a time limit and an agenda for what you want to accomplish in it.
  • Serving is the new selling :  We are building the foundation for trust that underlies relationships that endure. We educate, help and inspire others with our experience and expertise.
  • Make Meaningful Connections : The greatest compliment in business is a referral. We should be thoughtful, have the right motives and be connecting people for the right reasons.

     Creating positioning service patterns

  • Off-shore :  Contract / FTE
  • On-shore :  Contract / FTE

   Your business - Our Service

Best Pricing service models

  • 30 Days 24x7 service package = $1000 USD
  • 100 Days 24x7 service package = $3000 USD
  • 365 Days 24x7 service package = $12000 USD

Pillars of PEGARECRUITER business services

  • On demand service patterns
  • Resource profile screening patterns  ( 5 star procedure )
  • Request - Response service patterns
  • Building key business relationships patterns
  • Creating positioning service patterns
  • Category choice patterns
  • Best Pricing service models
  • ​Become a Certfied PEGARECRUITER ​( Certification Programme for HR Role aspirants)
  • Partner enablement patterns [ Vendor Management patterns ]
  • ​Investor enablement patterns

 Request - Response service patterns

  • 1-to-10 days joiners service
  • 15 -to-30 days joiners service
  • 30-to-60 days joiners service

    On-demand service patterns

  • 3 profiles : $500 USD
  • 10 profiles : $1500 USD
  • 25 profiles : $3500 USD

We are 24x7 staffing services providers